Companies I meet have plenty of data, but it won’t speak to them.  They want their data to tell them things about their business indicating clearly what they must do to be more competitive, leaner, smarter, better.  

But instead, they hear background noise broken with spells of silence.  This is usually because their data is poorly organised, sometimes poor quality, sometimes incomplete, sometimes inaccessible, often not trusted.  Some have put their faith in technology to address the issue, but have been disappointed with the result.

They need adaptable data.  Adaptable data can be re-formed at will, able to respond to the needs of a business, in full, quickly.

I have consulted and overseen dozens of data related projects with companies in the Financial services, CPG, Energy, manufacturing and other industries.  I specialise in the following initiatives addressing difficult questions in each case:

  1. BulletData Governance
    What is the business case for better data management? How should you structure oversight of your data?  Who should “own” which data?  Who should pay to get and keep it clean? Where should a data governance organisation report in the org chart?  How can you get agreed definitions for terms across different business groups?

  2. BulletData warehousing
    How do we iterate quickly enough to satisfy business demands for BI, but still control infrastructure quality and respect security/privacy requirements?  Where and how does “big data” fit in my data warehousing initiative? Can I settle on a single BI Tool corporately?

  3. BulletMaster data management
    How do I get to see what the state of my data is?  Who should be responsible for the quality of data that is shared by multiple groups?

My experience has been sought by multi-nationals, mid-sized companies, service providers and management consultants seeking insight into current best practices on data management programs across the board.

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