I have 20 years of experience of working for software companies (Chief Architect at Oracle UK and CTO at Kalido).  I have sat between the market, product management and development groups deciding product strategy, release scoping, product quality and supportability.

I visit approximately 20 software companies each year ranging from pre-revenue start-ups to mega-vendors.  I advise on topics ranging from fund raising, to product strategy and positioning, running workshops with executive product management, to software architecture and development (e.g. introduction of SaaS products to a legacy portfolio).  A few examples of my work are below:

Early market development

I helped an early stage start-up develop a target market statement to position their product and focus limited resources in an effective way.  We explored early users of the product and teased out use-cases that had been repeated and could be used as references for prospects.  This was as much an exercise in management team coaching as product marketing.

Product Strategy

I developed Oracle’s CASE products as chief architect responsible for strategy, architecture and release delivery over a 7 year period.  During this time we developed unique approaches to the use of the relational database that have since become mainstream techniques for developing flexible systems.  I headed the delivery of six versions of a product that was deployed in hundreds of large companies worldwide.  As CTO at Kalido I was responsible for product strategy from the company’s spin-out from Shell (where it was incubated), through the relocation of the management team to the US, fundraising from the most respected VCs in the world, to the ninth major release of its flagship product.

Coffee table marketing document

I recently asked to edit a strategic marketing document presenting a top-tier database vendor’s approach to new technologies.  This became a “coffee table document” distributed to customers, prospects, partners and industry analysts across the world.

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